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Infamous: Second SonMy pal Keri Honea over at Strategy Guide Reviews has noticed that, as of now, there are no plans for any of the major strategy guide publishers to release a book focusing on Sony's upcoming Infamous: Second Son for the PlayStation 4.  That leads us further down the rabbit hole as she notes there's only one next generation exclusive title with a guide accompanying it.  Where are the guides for the hot new games?  Keri hypothesizes:

A couple of E3s ago, I talked to a few strategy guide companies about their lack of strategy guides for handhelds, and they all said the same thing–many retail stores aren’t interested in selling strategy guides for handhelds. If they can’t get stores to buy their books to sell, they aren’t going to publish a book. I wonder if this is the same case for the new generation of consoles.

Thus far, the only new-gen exclusive game that has a strategy guide is Dead Rising 3. Killzone: Shadow Fall, a game that could have used a strategy guide, particularly near the end, did not have one, even though every Killzone game in the past (save the PSP game) has had one. I don’t have the sales figures in front of me, but it wouldn’t surprise me if strategy guides for Dead Rising 3 didn’t sell well because the game didn’t sell that well. Did that experiment put a hold on future strategy guides for next-gen games?

I’m really surprised by this. You’d think that a major release like Infamous would warrant a guide (particularly with the large number of collectibles and secrets hidden away in it). Obviously there would be interest in a guide. It’s not like this is an obscure game that’s not expected to hit sales targets or anything. Hopefully the next generation guides will come in due time once hardware adoption rates go up and there’s perceived money to be made from producing them.  Until then there's always GameFAQs.