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Sonic toyVideo games and fast food kids' meal toys have enjoyed a long and successful relationship over the years; those of us who grew up in the early 1990s surely have fond memories of McDonalds's line of Super Mario Bros. 3 toys.  The popular games come and go as Pokémon, Donkey Kong, and many other gaming franchises have been immortalized in cheap plastic.  Sonic the Hedgehog has seen his day in the sun, but one line of toys that didn't see the light of day is a set of ten amusements based on Sonic Adventure for the Sega Dreamcast.  Planned by Sega and Burger King, concept art for these toys was recently uncovered in a warehouse and is being sold on eBay for $150 per drawing.  SEGAbits has compiled the auction's images for your perusal.

As ebay listings don’t last forever, and because we can’t afford to buy all ten for $150 each ($1,500 total for 60 pieces of art), we’ve saved all the images from the listing in a gallery after the break. Had the set gone through to production, we would have seen ten toys: Rip Roaring Robotnik (spelled “Robotnic” on the art and corrected in the final version), Somersaultin’ Snowboardin’ Sonic, “Go Gamma Go!”, Knuckles Goes for a Spin, Twistin’ Twirlin’ Tails, Frog-Catchin’ Cat (oddly, Big’s name isn’t mentioned on the final version), Noisy Amy, Super Sonic Sled, Turbo-Prop Tails, and Walk ‘Em Sock ‘Em Knuckles.

There's some fun artwork here and like most lost creations, it's a shame the toys weren't produced.  Sure, these kinds of amusements aren't exactly meant for long-term fun, but for a freebie included with a burger or some chicken nuggets meant to entertain for a few minutes, these sorts of things were the best.

(via Poison Mushroom)