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Pile Of Bullets VCR Game Revealed

Pile Of BulletsThere was a brief blip of a moment in the early 1990s when interactive VCR board games attempted to take the game market by storm with cheesy acting, confusing rules, and a lack of replayability.  Popular television franchises such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Wayne's World, and Robocop each released VCR games, but there were plenty of original concepts out there such as the Nightmare series and Dinoland.  Thankfully, these bizarre attempts at fun faded into history thanks to general market apathy, but their spirit and memory live on in places like the "VCR Maintenance And Educational Publishing” episode of NBC's Community in which Abed Nadir and Annie Edison get way too into a 1993 VCR game called Pile of Bullets.  Featuring an old west motif and overly complex rules, this parody of VCR games is right on target.  Watch this clip of the game in action via Hulu.  Tornado!

Want more? Here's a flashback clip in which the host of Pile of Bullets gets the call offering him the job. Surely these VCR games are the future of games!