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Metroid Comics Come Alive

Samus AranWhile her video game franchise suffers periods of dormancy every few years, Samus Aran's comic book career has unfolded steadily over the years.  The North American region has seen comics based on Super Metroid and Metroid Prime in Nintendo Power, plus Valiant's Captain N: The Game Master comic adaptation featured everyone's favorite bounty hunter.  Japan, on the other hand, has been host to Samus's official backstory in a long series of manga publications and unofficial side stories.  If you have some time to kill and an interest in Metroid, head over to the Metroid Database which has a full archive of these comics in a variety of languages.  Most of the Japan-exclusive comics have even been translated into English.  If you've ever been curious about Samus's childhood, then here is your chance to catch up on the character's history with the Chozo.  And yes, the Captain N comics are there too.