Power Button - Episode 122: The Show Must Go On (To Become A Video Game)
The Real Story Behind Diddy Kong Racing

Weekly Poll: Into The Stack

Weekly Poll for 12-20-2013Oh yeah; weekly polls!  Let's get this topic going again after a long hiatus due to ongoing illness.  Last time around I asked how many of you were planning on getting a new console for the holiday season.  Most of you passed on a purchase, although buying a new generation console was slightly more popular than picking up something from the the familiar group of PS3/X360/Wii.  I've been very happy with my PlayStation 4 so far, although I still want to get a Wii U for all that Nintendo first-party goodness.  I need my Super Mario and Donkey Kong fixes!

Moving on, on Episode 121 of the Power Button podcast, Blake Grundman and I discussed the concept of the stack of shame: the pile of video games that you need to finish, but haven't.  I counter that there's no shame in owning a to-do list of games and would rather refer to them as a pile of pride.  How do you feel?  Which term is appropriate for you?  Let's hear your thoughts, vote in the poll itself on the right-hand sidebar, and be sure to listen to the episode if you haven't already.