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Castlevania: BloodlinesKonami's Castlevania has been around for a very long time, but not every entry in the series has been a smash hit.  IGN has chronicled the history of the major releases in the Belmont versus Dracula war spanning the first Nintendo Entertainment System title up through the recently released Lords of Shadow 2.  Here's some of the blurb for 1994's Castlevania Bloodlines for the Sega Genesis:

Konami switched systems again for Castlevania’s 1994 outing. Premiering the series on the Sega Genesis, Bloodlines positioned itself as the most modern Castlevania yet, moving the stage to 1917. Dracula was once again revived just as he had been half a dozen times before in the series, though Bloodlines added a secondary villain with the vampire countess Elizabeth Bartley (presumably based on the bloodthirsty real-life Elizabeth Bathory). For the heroes, Bloodlines imitated Rondo of Blood’s pairing of a typical Simon-esque hunter and a less conventional sidekick—in this case, Eric Lecarde, whose spear gives him a range and jumping height beyond the whip-wielding John Morris.

While very extensive, the article leaves out a few releases.  There's no mention of the WiiWare exclusive Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth, for instance, which stands as one of the last traditional 2D entries in the series.  The arcade release Haunted Castle is glossed over quickly.  There was potential for a larger look at the series here, but only the games 90% of the reading audience is mostly aware of already are listed.  It's a fun read, but not as comprehensive as it claims to be.