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The next time we see Link on Nintendo's Wii U, he won't be appearing in a new Legend of Zelda title.  Everyone's favorite jerkin-clad hero is headed for the next Super Smash Bros. sequel, sure, but he's also bound for the newly announced Hyrule Warriors.  A cooperative production from Nintendo and Tecmo Koei, Hyrule Warriors mashes up former's The Legend of Zelda with the latter's Dynasty Warriors.  I don't know anything about Dynasty Warriors, so I'll let Pete Davison at USgamer explain what we can expect from this title:

Did you guess that it was a take on the long-running Warriors series starring Zelda characters and monsters? If so, take a cookie -- that's exactly what it is, and it looks fantastic, with Link taking on hordes of enemies and huge bosses with spectacular special effects and comedically exaggerated physics models as the bodies go flying.

This could be very interesting.  If nothing else, seeing Link lashing out at enemies in glorious high definition is a wondrous sight after all this time.  Hyrule Warriors is due out in 2014.  I'm sure it'll find an audience among fans of both franchises.  Check out the teaser trailer to see what all the fuss is about.