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The Legend Of Zelda Summed Up In One Sentence

Zelda ad

Condensing a complex, detailed video game down into a single descriptive sentence can be a challenge.  How do you relay the true depth and meaning of something like Final Fantasy, EarthBound, or Portal in one line?  Sometimes ad writers nail it though.  Consider this advertisement seen on Reddit for the new The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for the Nintendo 3DS which is described thusly:

Link's new ability gives access to locations he could otherwise not reach.

The blurb is referencing Link's power to become a 2D sketch and travel on flat planes, but, really, that line actually does encapsulate the entire Zelda experience over the past several decades.  It's a simple type of brilliance, I think.  Pack it in, folks.  You'll never describe Zelda better than that.