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Sonic Explores Yoshi's Island In New Lost World DLC

Sega's Sonic Lost World for the Nintendo Wii U racked up some lackluster reviews upon release, but the company is working to revive interest in their star mascot's latest sequel.  Continuing to bridge the gap between the publisher and the game's host console, the latest Lost World downloadable expansion turns Sonic loose on Yoshi's Island to spin dash into Shy Guys and snag the familiar Yoshi eggs.  It's as if Sega and Nintendo teamed up to bring us one of those dream crossover ROM hacks.  It's free and available today.  There's even a trailer to whet your appetite and make your inner Sonic and Yoshi fan cry out to play this game despite your most likely not owning it.  I know I'm interested and I don't have the game or the console to play it on.  Guess I'll add it to the to-do list and get around to it somewhere down the line.  Additional crossover DLC is expected next year which (rumor has it) will combine Sonic with The Legend of Zelda.  Now that will be worth seeing in action!