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Power Button - Episode 119: The Best That 2013 Had To Offer

Sleigh Ride In The Mushroom Kingdom

Mario and LuigiOn this Christmas Day let us pause for some winter fun.  Sure, we're experiencing record heat waves in my native Florida this week, but for those of who buried in ice and snow, it's perfect weather for a sleigh ride.  It's too cold to actually go outside though, so instead let's jam with The OneUps and their OverClocked Remix release from 2002, "Super Mario's Sleigh Ride".  This track mashes up traditional holiday songs like "Sleigh Ride" with bits of the soundtrack from Nintendo's own Super Mario World to create something unique and special.  You heard a bit of it recently at the opening of Episode 118 of the Power Button podcast, but I have to share it in its entirety because it's just that awesome and festive.  Credit goes to Dale North, Mustin, Nate Cloud, The OneUps, and William Reyes for this one.  There's some real talent happening here.  Merry Christmas!