Power Button - Episode 111: Superheroes And Superzeroes
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Watch The EvilCast Team Play Ghostbusters: The Video Game With My Live Commentary

Watch live video from GamesAreEvil on TwitchTV

UPDATE: Did you miss the broadcast? Watch the archived recording here. Skip ahead to 2:29:00 for the start of the Ghostbusters segment.

At 8:00pm ET tonight or thereabouts I'll be piped in via Skype to the EvilCast podcast team's Extra Life livestream charity event.  The guys will be playing my personal favorite, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, while I offer live commentary on the game and their performance.  It'll be an hour of fun, facts, and chatter.  For more on the charity event and how you can get involved, read yesterday's article.  Join us, won't you?