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Uncharted Announced For PS4

Did anyone really expect Sony and Naughty Dog to leave Nathan Drake and the Uncharted franchise behind in the next generation?  Last night the companies announced a new Uncharted sequel currently in development for the PlayStation 4 and debuted a teaser trailer with some narration, a map, and not much else.  As you'll recall, Naughty Dog has a history of announcing new Uncharted games with similar trailers; Uncharted 3's announcement featured a particularly memorable monologue regarding men dreaming, but not equally.  This new trailer seems to come from the point of view of the antagonist as another mistake from Drake's past comes back to bite him.  No subtitle or even a proper sequel number accompany the title at this time.  Let's hope it's not a reboot.  More to come in the future on this one certainly.