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PlayStation App Arrives For iOS, Android

PlayStation AppAs part of the new media and social capabilities coming as part of the Sony PlayStation 4, the official PlayStation App has been released for iOS and Android.  Offering a way to quickly and conveniently tap into the PlayStation Network ecosystem when away from PlayStation devices, the app allows players to buy content from the PlayStation Store, remotely begin PS4 downloads, check messages, view friend list activity, compare trophies, and more.  Here's the official breakdown:

With the PlayStation®App installed on your mobile device, you can:

  • See what your friends are playing, compare trophies, and view your profile or recent activity.
  • Chat with your friends; receive notifications, game alerts, and invitations, and then use your mobile device as an on-screen keyboard for your PS4™ system.
  • Browse PlayStation®Store, pick-up the latest hit games and add-ons, and then push them to your PS4™ system so they are ready when you get home.
  • Take advantage of the in-app second-screen features, when available, for greater challenges and control.
  • Quickly access PlayStation® system guides, manuals, and PlayStation.Blog.

Having a secondary way to access this material from a familiar and handy source is greatly appreciated.  You need a PS4 to really get the most from this app, but it's still a great tool for those of us who want to have PSN in their pocket.  Using the app as an onscreen keyboard for the console will greatly speed up messaging, and if the PlayStation Store interface on the PS4 is as painful to use as the one on the PS3, then buying and downloading content via the app will make things so much easier.  I'm glad to see the PlayStation app ready for the masses and hope that Sony will continue to improve it as the PS4 feature set grows.