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Wii UNintendo's Wii U launched with a bumpy start last year with a higher than comfortable price tag and a lackluster game in the box.  The company really wanted Nintendo Land to be the next Wii Sports in terms of drawing power and interest, but the mini-game collection was never going to bring people in the way that intuitive sports like tennis and golf did.  Now Nintendo has wised up and will give the people what they want: the Mario brothers.  Starting November 1, Nintendo Land is out and a special disc featuring both New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U is in.  Here's Game Informer:

While Nintendo Land doesn't have the staying power of Wii Sports, my family and I spent many nights playing Mario Chase and Pikmin Adventure. Swapping in Mario and Luigi is a smart move, as the pair are icons, even to non-gamers.

In the words of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels's Freddy Benson, "This! This! I want this! This is what I want!".  I've been waiting all this time for Nintendo to offer a bundle that meets my gaming needs and this is exactly that.  Nintendo Land never really interested me beyond a novelty.  A co-worker pal asked me if I was going to swap my Sony PlayStation 4 plans (listen to Episode 109 of the Power Button podcast for more on that) for this new Wii U bundle and while I'm not letting go of that preorder, this definitely puts the Wii U back on my "must acquire" list.  Between this bundle and the upcoming Super Mario 3D World, it's a fantastic time to be a fan of the Mario brothers and the talented creators of their latest adventures.