It's Time For Some Mystic Cave Zone Metal
Health Update


Mario hurtIf you've been reading Press The Buttons long enough, then you're familiar with my ongoing struggles with Crohn's Disease.  As happens every so often, my illness is flaring up again and has prevented me from doing much of anything both online and off.  For the past week I've been unable to keep food down and have been fighting off dehydration.  I spend most of my time asleep.  I hope you'll excuse the absence here; more content is in the pipeline, but I just can't sit at the computer for long enough to write it all up.  There's a new episode of the Power Button podcast waiting to be edited regarding the best handheld video games of all time, a review of the Mario & Luigi: Dream Team strategy guide in the works, and I did manage to finish Grand Theft Auto V's story over the weekend, so you know I have a lot to say about that.  Stick with me and hopefully my health will turn around in the right direction again soon so I can get back to work.  Thanks for your patience and continued support.  It's been a tough time for me, but I really hope that the worst is over for this round.