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Toejam and EarlToeJam and Earl fell into gaming history after their Sega glory days, but the alien duo from the planet Funkotron are not so easily forgotten.  Born in the funky 1990s, the pair's rapmaster jams were starting to drop out of the current trends by the time the third proper game in the series, Mission to Earth, was released for the Microsoft Xbox in 2001.  A Sega Dreamcast version of the game had been in the works prior to Sega's departure from the hardware market and now that lost prototype has resurfaced.  Siliconera has the news.

Yes, Sega made ToeJam and Earl III: Mission to Earth for Xbox, but there was another game starring Sega’s funky aliens for Dreamcast. Footage from an early build made its way online and the owner of the discs is planning on holding a fundraiser to release the code online.

I understand why Mission to Earth was sent to the Xbox over the Sony PlayStation 2 or the Nintendo GameCube considering the target demographic of the Xbox at the time and a sweetheart deal from Microsoft regarding free promotion, but history has shown that the franchise was a poor fit on that console.  We'll never know for sure, but I bet that the game would have performed better on the Dreamcast (had it lived) or PS2.  Sega fans embraced the characters in their Genesis glory days, while the PS2 hosted a variety of games similar to Mission to Earth that ultimately found varying levels of success.  As for this prototype, I'm curious if there's anything worthwhile hidden away in there.  I'm sure the Internet's gaming archeologists will let us know if they find anything.