Infamous: Second Son Offers Limited Edition DLC

Health Update

Dr. MarioFollowing on from last week's announcement that things have slowed down here at Press The Buttons due to my continued failing health, I'm happy to say that things are slowly improving.  I'm taking new short-term medication that is starting to work, but my nutrition levels are still critically low and I must take weekly injections and prescription vitamin supplements several times a day to try and raise those levels back towards normal.  I have to go have some scans done next week to see just how bad the damage to my small intestine has become since my last surgery four years ago and then I'll probably have to change my long-term treatment plan.  On the plus side, I am keeping food down again and am trying to build myself back up.  I've lost over thirty pounds in the past two months due to malnutrition and digestive problems.  It's great to lose weight, but this isn't exactly how I wanted to do it!  I want to thank everyone that has left comments, tweeted to me, and sent e-mails wishing me a speedy recovery.  I really do appreciate hearing from you all and I'm going to try to get back into something of a routine this week with creating new content.  I miss writing too much to stay dormant for too much longer.