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PS4 Version Of Grand Theft Auto V Spotted

Grand Theft Auto VIf you've already preordered Grand Theft Auto V in advance of its release next week for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 and you've also reserved a next-generation video game console, then you may want to rethink something.  Amazon of Germany is currently offering preorders on a PlayStation 4 version of GTA V indicating that a presumably better version of Rockstar's latest title is coming sooner rather than later.  Why burden yourself with a $60 PS3 title that will be technologically outdone in just a few short weeks or months?  Surely a Xbox One version of the game is on the way as well.  It just makes too much business sense to offer GTA V on as many current platforms as possible while also keeping the next-gen versions a secret until early adopters buy the first available versions for current hardware.  If Rockstar can get you to buy the same game twice, then why shouldn't they try?  Don't fall into their trap if you have a PS4 or Xbox One on the way.  Save your money and hold out for the best possible version of the game.  Los Santos will still be there later.