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Let's Manipulate Grand Theft Auto V's BAWSAQ Stock Market For Fun And Profit


Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V features many ways to earn money.  Most of them are illegal, naturally, but one way of bringing in some quick money in a totally legal way is to manipulate the in-game stock market.  Many of the companies in Los Santos and Blaine County have a presence on the Liberty City National and BAWSAQ markets.  LCN's rise and fall is determined by the events in your own personal game, but the real potential for manipulation comes from the online BAWSAQ market which is infuenced by the actions of every person playing GTA V while connected to Rockstar's Social Club network.  This makes it possible for large groups of players to conspire outside of the game to buy up large amounts of a given stock, drive up its value, and then sell off shares en masse.  It's the ultimate pump-and-dump maneuver.  The catch is being able to mobilize a large enough group to make the activity worthwhile.  That's where Reddit comes into the picture.  Over at the GTAMarket subreddit, players are organizing BAWSAQ investment opportunities for quick cash turnarounds.  As a large group, players agree to buy a stock during a given window and then sell off those shares at an appointed hour.  For instance, as of this writing, the group is dealing in Pisswasser beer stock (symbol PIS) until this evening.

There'll be another chance to play the market next weekend with another stock. The community is testing this approach to easy money, but early indicators are that this method is worthwhile. The more you invest, the more you stand to gain, but it's advised that you keep a backup save file with your pre-investment cash supply just in case something goes wrong. I'm certainly going to get in on this. Why steal when the real money is in old fashioned capitalism, commodities, and banking?