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EvilCast Recap - Episode 193

EvilCastHot off recording Episode 192 of the EvilCast podcast a few days ago, I was invited back to appear on Episode 193 alongside the usual crew of Blake Grundman, Ross Polly, and Chris Nitz to discuss the industry happenings of the past few week such as Microsoft announcing a release date for the Xbox One, Madden NFL 25 selling a million units, and developer WayForward launching a Kickstarter campaign for a new Shantae sequel that looks downright adorable.  Ross has a Top 5 list for us that unexpectedly derails into completely inappropriate jokes about the Holocaust after which I make everyone else feel very guilty and awkward by reminding them that not only am I Jewish, but it was Rosh Hashanah when this episode was recorded.  There's some discussion of the games that everyone has played lately, but since I didn't play anything this week, I lead a discussion on the series finale of Futurama instead.  Want to go around again?  Head over to Games Are Evil to download this week's show.