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EvilCast Recap - Episode 192

EvilCastWhenever my friends at the EvilCast podcast over at Games Are Evil need a long-time Super Mario fan to chime in on important Nintendo news, they come for me and invite me to sit in as a guest, so in a week that brought us the Nintendo 2DS and a price cut for the Wii U it should not be a surprise that I appear on Episode 192 of the show.  I join Blake Grundman and Ross Polly to discuss not only Nintendo matters, but also the rise of the Mighty No. 9 KickStarter campaign, the success of Plants vs Zombies 2, and important matters related to Mario and Luigi: Dream Team and Saints Row IV.  I even share some secrets that will help you tackle Saints Row IV's virtual Steelport with ease and guide you to a secret, unmarked room on the map which hides a hidden exclusive weapon.  Blake has a lot to say about DiveKick and KickBeat, while Ross loves his League of Legends.  Spend a few hours with us and we'll have some fun.  Head over to GrE to download or stream this week's episode.