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Wario's Only Apology

WarioNintendo's crude and greedy Wario is not known for his introspective qualities.  He wants what he wants and won't stop until he gets it.  He goes out of his way to feed his id and makes no apologies for his behavior.  Well, except this one time.  Video series Cool Bits points out a neat hidden moment in 2003's Wario World for the Nintendo GameCube in which Wario annoys the player with obnoxious singing (the classic "Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah" chant done in a childish sing-song tone) for nearly an hour on the game's pause screen if the player lets it go on for that long, then suddenly shuts up after uttering a sheepish "Sorry."  Check it out.

What I find most interesting about this easter egg is that I believe this is the only time in Wario's established history that he's apologized for anything.  Now that's character development!  We're talking about a man who has stolen castles, swiped untold riches, clobbered pirates, cheated at sports, and slammed a bucket over Mario's head among other heinous deeds.  Has he ever apologized for any of it?  Nope.  Irritating singing?  That's worth a sorry.  Wario truly lives by his own strange code of honor.