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PlayStation VitaIf you've held out on buying a Sony PlayStation Vita because the price was a bit too steep, then you're in luck.  The company announced today that it's cutting the price of the handheld to $199.99 in North America and €199.99 in Europe.  That's a nice savings, but what's especially worthwhile is that the pricey memory cards (which, as you'll recall, are required for saving game progress, downloading digital versions of games, and basically storing any content on the device at all) will also see a slight price cut.  That's some of the best news of all here, as those memory cards are very expensive and are a significant hidden cost when joining the Vita club.

Moreover, Sony also announced a bunch of indie games are headed to the Vita.  Expect to see Hotline Miami 2, The Binding of Issac: Rebirth, Joe Danger, Rogue Legacy, Wasteland Kings, and Volume on the system.  Borderlands 2 is also on the way to the Vita, and while it's not an indie game, it's also the only major publisher title for Vita that was announced today, so it seems to me that the Vita has completed its transformation into the handheld system for indie titles.  I am pleased with this, as I'll take any kind of engaging Vita content I can get.  It's a nice little system and deserves a better following, and while I don't normally seek out indie games (I still hope to see a real Ratchet & Clank adventure for the Vita before it's all over), I've been slowly coming around to the whole indie scene thanks to games like Retro City Rampage. I'm also aware that using the phrase "indie scene" has just put me back to being hopelessly out of touch, but I'll catch up again given enough time (just like the Vita).