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Remember When Wario Made A Deal With The Devil?

Wario makes a deal

You'll never see racist Yoshis or Satan possessing a Game Boy Camera as long as Nintendo of America is minding the store, but back in the 1990s, things were a bit more unrestrained at some Nintendo subsidiaries.  NeoGAF has dug up some old official comics from Club Nintendo magazine as published under Nintendo of Germany's watch back in the 1990s in which the company's beloved characters (and even a few third-party guest stars) become involved with all manner of unsavory, bizarre adventures.  You'll see Wario making a deal with the devil for power over Princess Peach, Mario transforming into some unholy creature of the damned, Princess Peach cursed to become an eyeless undead thing, Luigi scamming his brother with fake goods, Link shifting into a werebat, and many other disturbing images.  Cultural standards are different around the world, of course, but I'm absolutely shocked that Nintendo's home office in Japan allowed this to go on.  Can you imagine anything like this being produced today?  Read on for some of my favorite strange panels.  Some of them have even been translated into English which, somehow, just makes them more baffling.

Wario lusts for power

Satan steals a Game Boy camera

Yoshi freaks out

Mario says hurtful things

There's plenty more at the NeoGAF thread linked above.  Check it out.  These have to be seen to be believed.