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Obscure Atari Lynx Game Revives Plok

ZakuThose of you who have read PTB for a while know that I have a soft spot for 1993's Plok from the Super NES era of video games.  Starring a little guy with detachable arms and legs as weapons, Plok went on to become a colorful footnote in video gaming history even as recent attempts at a comeback have mounted.  Somewhere along the way, however, Plok turned up in a most unlikely place.  A homebrew game for the Atari Lynx, Zaku, features Plok as a special guest boss.  Developed by Super Fighter Team and released in 2009, Zaku challenges players to survive sixteen side-scrolling shooter stages in the tradition of Gradius and R-Type.  I can't imagine how Plok became mixed up in all of this other than to guess that Zaku's creators are fans of the character just as I am.  Check out this segment of a complete playthrough of Zaku from YouTube's Osman Celimli in which Zaku takes on the menacing Plok (and his Union Jack jetpack!).