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DuckTalesTo promote the new DuckTales: Remastered for the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U, and PC, Capcom has printed up a new run of DuckTales gold game paks for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Neater still, the game paks actually work on NES hardware.  The company actually created 150 new copies of the game in partnership with iam8bit Productions.  Ben Kuchera at The Penny Arcade Report details how it was done.

DuckTales was programmed onto brand-new circuit boards and chips, ensuring each game's longevity. They're housed in vintage NES cartridge shells, which have been carefully refurbished and hand-painted with a golden sheen,” a [iam8bit] representative told the Report.

“Special attention was also paid to the cartridge labels. The PAL and NTSC versions have each been updated with the new DuckTales: Remastered key art. And YES, the cartridge is totally playable on an original or top-loading NES,” they continued.

That's an instant collectible if I've ever seen one.  I'm sure that every fan of the original game is very envious of the press outlets that received one (I know I am!).  After all, new NES game paks don't just grow on trees.  It's admirable that Capcom went to the trouble to create these.  I'd imagine these game paks are destined to end up in press libraries or donated to charity, but in true Scrooge McDuck fashion, I must admit that I'd hoard one of these like the unique treasure that it is for my private collection if I came into possession of it.  Nostalgia and rarity rolled into one?  How can this not be framed and displayed with honor?  It belongs in a museum!