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Weekly Poll: Always Watching

Weekly Poll for 6-17-2013The majority of you out there have declared Sony the winner of E3 2013 no doubt stemming from the company taking down Microsoft during its annual media briefing regarding the PlayStation 4's launch price compared to the Xbox One as well as knocking Microsoft's anti-sharing stance on games that has since been reversed.  It's always fun to watch the competition unfold at these events (particularly when that competition makes things better for customers) and this year was no exception.  I too felt that Sony has the best E3 this year, Microsoft the worst (but has since turned public opinion around slightly), and Nintendo is just trying to stay the course until it can launch the real Wii U games later this year.

Speaking of the next generation consoles, all of them include camera technology in some way.  Microsoft's new Kinect is more observant than ever (for good or for bad), Sony has turned its PlayStation Camera for PS4 into an optional accessory by not bundling it with the console, and Nintendo is running a smaller version of the gimmick with a little camera in its Wii U GamePad.  Which of these technologies (if any) would you rather use?  Let's hear your thoughts.