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Sega Bringing 3D Classics To North America, Europe

3D Sonic The HedgehogSega has steadily released a series of its classic arcade and Genesis titles for the Nintendo 3DS reworked to take advantage of the handheld's 3D capabilities, but the collection has been confined to Japan.  However, the company has announced that it's ready to bring its 3D Classics Series (not to be confused with Nintendo's own line of 3D Classics) to North America and Europe.  Release dates and pricing are to be announced.  Here's the list of games coming to the eShop:

  • 3D Altered Beast
  • 3D Ecco the Dolphin
  • 3D Galaxy Force II
  • 3D Shinobi III
  • 3D Sonic The Hedgehog
  • 3D Space Harrier
  • 3D Streets of Rage
  • 3D Super Hang-On

It's a solid list of Sega hits, although some games have aged better than others.  Streets of Rage, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Ecco the Dolphin are probably the best, although I have a soft spot for Shinobi III.  It'll be great to see these games back in 3D (even if it means I have to buy Sonic the Hedgehog again, and I probably eventually will).  Sega is leaning on its arcade roots for these games, but I'd love to see more Genesis titles converted into 3D.  Imagine a 3D ToeJam & Earl, for instance, or a 3D Kid Chameleon.  There's lots of potential in the Genesis catalog.  I hope it doesn't go to waste.