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Plok It's been twenty years since Plok arrived on the Super NES, but the side-scrolling platformer also-ran from the era of mascots with an attitude has not been forgotten.  The character and his world belong to his creators, John and Ste Pickford, and they've brought Plok back in the form of a comic strip that chronicles what the so-called Exploding Man is up to after all these years.  Here's some of the launch announcement:

Starting today, and published exclusively on the Zee-3 website, Plok The Exploding Man will follow the adventures of Plok as he wakes up after 20 years of sleep to discover that the modern landscape of video games is not quite what he expected it to be.

"We are constantly being bombarded with fan-mail requests to bring back Plok," explained Ste Pickford, artist and co-writer of the strip, "with people asking us to make a sequel or to re-release the SNES game on Wii Virtual Console, 3DS, iOS, etc.  We've wanted to revisit Plok for a long time, and we eventually decided that a regular comic strip would be a great way to re-introduce Plok to the world."

"Will Plok return in his own game?" added John, the creator and co-writer of Plok, "Anything is possible, but for now he's got a lot to catch up on, and we can draw new comic strips a lot faster than they can make new games!"

Plok has a lot of personality and I hope to see it stand out in this comic strip.  The 1993 game is a fantastic adventure with memorable music that deserved a better fate than to be lumped in with the other mascot titles that failed to make a memorable dent in the market, but the Pickfords know that the character still has a following and I'd love to see a new game in the series.  The brothers are iOS developers these days, but I believe that a new Plok sequel belongs on the Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita as a downloadable title.  I'd gladly buy it on release day if it stuck to the tenets of the Super NES title. 

(via GoNintendo)