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Ultra Street Fighter IVCapcom is giving its flagship Street Fighter IV title another update, bringing new characters and stages as well as some rebalanced mechanics to the game.  Due out in early 2014, Ultra Street Fighter IV adds five new fighters to the mix.  They're familiar names, as four of the five previously appeared in Street Fighter X Tekken: Elena, Rolento, Poison, and Hugo.  The fifth character is a secret for now, but has been promised to be someone who has never appeared in a Street Fighter game (some people suspect it's Haggar from Final Fight and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, but I'm hoping for something more ambitious).  The new stages also originate from SFxT.  While this appears to be a quick cash grab to import existing assets into Street Fighter IV, Capcom assures that new moves and animations will be part of the package.  It's headed to the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and PC as either a $14.99 downloadable upgrade to Super Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition or as a $39.99 standalone release.  The new disc also includes all previously released downloadable costumes and five new costumes for the new characters as a preorder bonus.  Here's the trailer.

Capcom has taken a lot of heat for their DLC upgrade practices this generation, but I'm alright with this Ultra update.  It's been two years since Street Fighter IV was updated with a similar $14.99 addition.  I feel I've played my money's worth of the last version released.  This isn't like the DLC debacles of Marvel vs Capcom 3 where an Ultimate revision was released within a year of the original game's debut or the Street Fighter X Tekken add-on that locked characters already on the disc behind a paywall.  I do wish Ultra were headed to next generation consoles, as I'd gladly rebuy the entire game at full price to bring the power of the PlayStation 4's built-in streaming abilities and other hardware enhancements to the title.  I suppose that sort of thing is being saved for the eventual Street Fighter V.  Still, I'll probably spring for the PS3 update.  I keep buying these updates and new versions for Capcom's fighting titles, so why stop now?  If I'm feeling especially into the zone, I may even buy the disc so I can finally get all of the costumes after all these years.  I won't be nickel-and-dimed for costumes, but I can probably talk myself into buying a complete game package with the extras included if I'm in the right mood and have a little extra money to burn.  No promises, Capcom!