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Yoshi's New Island Brings Back The Baby

Yoshi's New IslandIt's been a few years since players have been able to babysit a crying infant with a hungry dinosaur, so we're due for a trip back to Yoshi's Island.  Nintendo is filling that need with a new adventure for the Nintendo 3DS entitled Yoshi's New Island which revamps the old concept with new visual styles that reference the original Super NES title such as oil, watercolor and pastels.  Watch the trailer to see how old mixes with new; throwing eggs is still required and collecting stars is a must, but there are also giant eggs to consider and fresh tricks with ricochet shots to learn.  Plus, if this title is anything like it's predecessors, it'll become gloriously difficult near the end.  That's also a Yoshi's Island tradition.  Yoshi's New Island is due out for the holidays.