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Weekly Poll: E3 2013 Winners And Losers

Weekly Poll for 5-22-2013There's overwhelming disinterest in Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One console, and considering the higher price and content restrictions that take away rights and privileges that players have enjoyed in previous Xbox consoles, I can certainly understand why.  The Xbox brand has never been for me, and this latest model is no exception.  The company's E3 presentation confirmed for me with a heavy emphasis on shooters, sports, shooters, realistic racers, and more shooters.  I enjoy the occasional shooter, sure, but I need platformers, puzzle games, fighting games, action/adventure titles, and an RPG once in a while to keep my gaming experience part of a balanced breakfast, as it were.  Elsewhere, Microsoft has a brewing image problem on its hands.  I hope it can correct course before it's too late.  Competition brings good things to the market in the end, and without Microsoft's missteps, I don't believe Sony would be as generous with its PlayStation 4 agenda.

Moving on, E3 2013 is behind us now and we've had a chance to digest and process much of the major news and announcements of the week.  Who would you say came out on top at E3?  Who "won" if it's possible to measure these things?  Did Sony steal the show?  Did Microsoft impress?  Has Nintendo signaled a return to form?  Let's hear your thoughts.