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Super Mario 3D World

Ever since Nintendo announced New Super Mario Bros. Wii's multiplayer modes, fans have clamored to see Princess Peach as a playable character with her famous floaty jump.  Nintendo's developers have said that it's too much work / too difficult to implement that behavior and instead just tossed another color Toad into the mix.  Unacceptable!  Now, finally, after what feels like far too long, Peach is back as a playable character in the next Mario game.  Moreover, all of your Super Mario Bros. 2 favorites are back!  The next 3D Mario title, New Super Mario 3D World, brings everyman Mario, long-jumping Luigi, speedy Toad, and floating Peach into a one-to-four-player romp through new adventures.  Check out this spiritual sequel to Super Mario 3D Land and marvel at the new cat power-up ability.

I'm very excited about this game.  I've held off on buying a Wii U because there haven't been many worthwhile games that I've wanted to play, but a big new Mario title will always pique my interest.  This game has done the job!  New Super Mario 3D World launches in December.  I will own a Wii U by then.