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Grass Effect

PopCap Games and Electronic Arts have already announced the free-to-play Plants vs Zombies 2, but don't think for a minute that the publisher is content to let such a popular and profitable property as Plants vs Zombies stop there.  This series has got to grow.    Kotaku put the pieces together from sites around the Internet such as Polygon and Gamekyo to hypothesize that we're just a day or so away from the announcement of a full-blown shooter set in the Plants vs Zombies world subtitled Garden Warfare.  It would seem that PopCap used some of EA's seed money to branch out into a new genre.  Here's Kotaku:

This afternoon's great PopCap mystery may now be a little less mysterious: a Canadian industry source with ties to Electronic Arts has told Kotaku that a small team at EA's Burnaby campus is working on a new entry in the Plants vs Zombies franchise.

The thing is, it's not another tower defense game. Apparently it's a multiplayer-oriented first-person shooter. For consoles. Seriously.

Ah, that's EA for you; any property can become a first-person shooter if they try hard enough. Not to say that this couldn't work, of course.  Imagine that you and three friends team up as plants or zombies to take on four other players on the opposing team.  Throw in the famous plants from the original tower defense game with their quirky attacks and this game almost designs itself as easy as one, two, tree.  Perhaps Garden Warfare will bear fruit after all.  Big posters for the game are decorating the Los Angeles Convention Center for E3, so expect to hear more about this game (whatever it turns out to be) at EA's press conference tomorrow.  It sounds worth a look based on the concept alone.  I mean, I'm generally zombied out thanks to the glut of the undead in popular culture over the past few years, but the PvZ zombies haven't yet worn out their welcome with me.  They're just clever enough with the right mix of corniness to remain endearing.