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Microsoft Xbox One Launches November 21 For $499

Xbox OneAfter much speculation across the board, Microsoft has announced the launch date and price for its controversial Xbox One console.  You can pick up a Xbox One on November 21, 2013 in twenty-one markets around the world for $499.  That's steeper than I'd expected, but since everything about the Xbox One seems expensive, I shouldn't be too surprised.  The company is boasting a Day One Edition version of the console for launch which will includes a limited edition controller, token code to unlock Day One achievement, premium packaging, and decal (it's not exactly uncommon to launch with a bang).  There are a number of launch titles on the way as well including Kinect Sports Rivals.  For now, let me ask you: putting aside the privacy and used game concerns for a moment, is $499 too rich for your blood?  Do you think this price is a mistake?  Or does Microsoft have another hit on its hands?