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Killer Instinct Returns For Xbox One

Killer InstinctYears after making a memorable splash in arcades and for Nintendo hardware, fighting game Killer Instinct is poised for a much-demanded return.  Of course, now that series developer Rare is owned by Microsoft, the revived franchise is headed to the Xbox One.  Microsoft showed a teaser trailer and a little gameplay for the new Killer Instinct at its E3 press conference in which classic characters such as Glacius, Jago, and Saberwulf were shown to return.  Rare isn't handling development duties on this one though; word on the street is that Double Helix Games is behind this one.  It certainly looks faithful to the old games (we haven't seen Killer Instinct since the Nintendo 64 era, remember) with modernized speed and frantic action.  I don't know if new players will flock to it if it hasn't grown in complexity since its original heyday, but I know those of us who remember it from long ago will at least have to check it out for curiosity and nostalgia's sake.  If nothing else, I want to see what the new Killer Instinct has to offer.  I'll never buy a Xbox One just to play it, but I would like to see others play it and show me what it can do.  I'm satisfied living vicariously through others on this one.