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EvilCast Recap - Episode 183: E3 2013 Wrap-Up Special

EvilCastOn the closing day of E3 2013 I was invited once again to guest on the EvilCast podcast at Games Are Evil to discuss the week's big surprises.  Join me as I sit in with Blake Grundman, Ross Polly, and Keri Honea to talk all about our favorite news items of E3 such as sharing Sony PlayStation 4 games, Microsoft Points heading off into the sunset, the rise of the Oculus Rift, the promise of Batman: Arkham Origins, more and more games offering companion apps for tablets, launch prices of the PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One, enhancements to the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass system, and much more.  As a bonus, I also tell the story of my experience at the Nintendo Experience Wii U demo event at Best Buy.  Episode 183 is waiting for you with an hour and a half of conversation!