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Wind WakerNintendo's upcoming The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD for the Wii U won't be the same game you remember from the GameCube era.  The development team is fixing a few of the little problems from the original version that have persisted over the years as memorable issues.  In this Nintendo Developer Direct, producer Eiji Aonuma explains how he and his team have polished a few rough spots to make the overall experience better.  For instance, sailing across the ocean in the GameCube version often felt very slow since the ocean concealed the GameCube loading the next section of the game, so now that this extra loading time is unnecessary on the Wii U, Link can sail his King of Red Lions ship at a faster speed without the risk of falling off the edge of the world into unloaded data.  Aonuma also talks about playing the game on the Wii U GamePad and how the touchscreen will be used to control a few items in Link's inventory.  He even touches on the tedious Triforce hunt near the end of the game and how the next time we see it, it'll be a little different.  I trust Aonuma to do right by Wind Waker and look forward to the end result.  Anything that speeds up the sailing and cuts back on the excessive item hunting is OK with me.