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Conan O'Brien Plays Injustice, Reveals New Characters

Flaming CTV's Conan O'Brien often crosses paths with new video games and rates them from an outsider's perspective, and on this E3 week he took some time to see what the recently released Injustice: Gods Among Us for the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii U has to offer.  Cracking jokes all the while, Conan plays several matches and shares his observations.  Along the way he gives players their first look at the next downloadable character launching in July: General Zod, the Kryptonian supervillain who can launch his foes through the moon.  In addition to Zod, Conan also called on his own DC universe character, The Flaming C, in a battle against Aquaman.  Chances are The Flaming C skin (featuring the character's trademark costume consisting of an oven mitt, a jai alai glove, and ski goggles) will be available to the general public as an alternative look for Superman around the same time as Zod's release.  It's high time that Injustice had a sense of humor about itself, and adding The Flaming C is the perfect way to accomplish that.