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Nintendo is expected to throw off the curtain on its next Super Smash Bros. sequel during E3 next week and fans all over the world are waiting patiently to see which classic Nintendo characters are going to make the cut.  The Smash roster has always invited discussion and speculation as characters come and go over the course of the series, and the next game will surely continue the tradition.  To that end, I'd like to take a moment to offer my own personal wish list of characters that I want to see included in the next Smash.  From obvious to obscure and first-party stalwart to third-party guest star, if I were adding new characters to the Smash world, this is where I'd start.


WaluigiAfter years of filling out rosters in Mario-related sports games (and one memorable role as a villain in a dance challenge), Wario's sinister companion deserves a chance to shine and make a name for himself at last.  Waluigi is virtually a blank slate thanks to Nintendo's disinterest in fleshing out his character, although we do know that he's a cheater through and through and has a passion for convoluted gadgets.  His tall, lanky frame could make him a quick fighter on the battlefield, attacking often, but with less power than those larger than him.  His long limbs could also grant him an advantage of extended reach compared to most other characters, particularly those with short arms.  Either way, Waluigi has earned the opportunity to stand alongside Mario, Luigi, and Wario on the Smash Bros. field and deserves a shot at greatness. Give purple a chance!

Midna and Wolf Link

Wolf_Link_and_MidnaHow many Links are too many?  With standard adult Link and young Toon Link already capturing hearts and minds of Zelda-loving Smash fans, why not add a new Link who behaves drastically different than his counterparts?  Joining the fight from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, this Link is locked into his wolf form with the impish Midna riding on his back.  The two characters control as one with Link providing the physical muscle (and painful bite!) and Midna bringing her ability to cast magic spells.  For a Final Smash, the duo transform back into their real, non-Twilight Realm forms for a brief moment to bring some serious pain.  Just made sure that Midna's incomprehensible-yet-sarcastic babble is included.  The pair just wouldn't be the same without her nonsense chatter sounds.

King Hippo

King HippoNintendo's classic Punch-Out!! boxing franchise returned last generation to introduce a whole new audience to Doc Louis's patented training regimen, so it's only right that one of its famous characters secure a spot on the next Smash roster.  Little Mac may be the obvious choice, but what does Mac have that would make for a solid Smash choice?  He's an everyman with a dream; that's wonderful for Punch-Out!!, but Smash demands something a bit more unusual and flamboyant.  That's why my choice for Punch-Out!!'s representative is King Hippo.  While he does sport a recognized weak point in this bandaged bellybutton, he can throw punches and deliver the damage like nobody's business.  Just think of him as Smash's answer to Street Fighter's boxing bruiser Balrog, plus I bet his crown is heavy and sharp enough to be painful when thrown at others.  His Final Smash?  A flurry of power punches with a devastating finisher, of course. 


BirdoFollowing a memorable debut in Super Mario Bros. 2 as a recurring mini-boss, Birdo went on to become a companion/counterpart to Yoshi in the various sports titles featuring Mario and friends.  So what makes her worthy of Smash?  While her physical prowess is nothing to write home about, her special snout gives her the ability to shoot an endless supply of eggs, so it's easy to see how a character who can shoot projectiles from an orifice would be right at home in battle.  Anyone who faced her in Subcon or Super Mario RPG knows that!  Perhaps her snout could also inhale towards foes and suck them closer for a dramatic Birdo beatdown.  I see many possibilities for Birdo if only she were given time to shine.  I picture her Final Smash involving a giant egg, but I don't want to know where she got it.  Moreover, you just know her victory dance would be both hilarious and adorable.

Mega Man

Mega ManFans demanded him for last generation's Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but Capcom's famed blue bomber was absent from the last Smash go-round.  Seeing that Sonic the Hedgehog and Solid Snake have been welcomed with open arms, it's past time for Mega Man to appear in a Smash game.  His powerful arsenal of weapons is famous for variety; just imagine his attacks stemming from a selection of the most popular and powerful Robot Master weapons that he's acquired over the years: Metal Blade!  Hard Knuckle!  Elec Beam!  To deliver the Final Smash, Mega Man calls on Rush to don the Rush Power Suit from Mega Man 6 and Mega Man 7 to crush the opposition.  Really, this addition to the series designs himself and I really hope that Capcom and Nintendo can work together to make it happen.

Captain Syrup

Captain SyrupMario is famous for his rivalry with Bowser, but Wario has a recurring arch-nemesis of his own who makes his life just as difficult.  Constantly confounding his plans on a semi-regular basis in the Wario Land series, Captain Syrup has a knack for not only interfering, but also turning a profit in the process.  The captain and her Brown Sugar Pirates / Black Sugar Gang could make for a compelling addition to the Smash roster.  Imagine a character that plays like a hybrid Princess Peach and Captain Olimar; while she has her own physical attacks, she's also trailed by three of her loyal Gooms to absorb hits, provide backup force, and gang up against the opposition.  Her Final Smash maneuver could see her mighty pirate ship, the S.S. Tea Cup, sailing by to unleash a volley of cannonballs on the battlefield.  Throw in an attack that summons the massive Giant Spear Man member of her gang just for kicks, too. This is Super Smash Bros., after all. Why not pull out all the stops?