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Nintendo ExperienceNintendo and Best Buy have teamed up to bring the E3 demos for some of the Wii U's most anticipated upcoming games to the general public across the United States and Canada.  That's a laudable goal, but like so many groundbreaking achievements, there are bound to be bumps in the road.  Take a look at the official list of Best Buy locations that will offer the demos and you'll find that it's significantly smaller than the list of locations announced last week.  What's going on?  Why are Nintendo and Best Buy canceling events?  There's no official statement on this (and on the Sunday evening before E3 it's nearly impossible that I can get any kind of official confirmation on this), but a Reddit user claims to know what's going on here.  I can't prove what you're about to read, but it makes sense to me and tracks with similar things I've read about the Wii U kiosk technology, so I'm running with it.  Here's Reddit's Nintendostuff explaining what's gone wrong:

The Wii U interactives at Best Buy aren't retail consoles. There is actually a PC in the interactive itself that manages the content and firmware. These computers are networked and Nintendo has the ability to directly push content to the systems. If you take a peek at the back of a Wii U in BB you will notice that it has some extra cables coming out of it. The content will be unlocked by a rep with a USB key on Wednesday and then when the key is taken out it will block the content again.

The content has already been pushed to the PCs in the interactives but for one reason or another the content hasn't downloaded properly on some of them. They are working hard to fix it but it looks like the backup plan is to switch stores or cancel in the area all together if they have to.

This technical issue has a wide reach.  I was planning to make the journey to the closest Best Buy this week to try the demo experience, but as of right now, that location has canceled the event. So much for that.  If your local Best Buy has canceled too, believe me when I say that I feel your pain.  Still, all is not lost.  The list of locations is still subject to change until later this week, so it's possible that your originally slated location may be able to solve its problems and host the demo event after all.  That's what I'm counting on now.  Keep checking the Best Buy website to be sure that your chosen store still plans to offer the demos.