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Weekly Poll: Assistance Needed

Weekly Poll for 4-18-2013There seems to be a healthy demand out there for an RPG adventure starring everyone's favorite anti-Mario, Wario.  It would be wonderful to see Nintendo tap into that pent-up demand, but somehow I doubt that Wario and his partner in crime, Waluigi, will get their starring day in the sun any time soon at the rate things are going.  Maybe in a few years.  It seems that a Wario & Waluigi RPG is the perfect way to follow the upcoming Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for the Nintendo 3DS.

Moving on, when you stumble into a tough spot in a video game and you just can't take the frustration anymore, where do you turn for help?  Printed strategy guides?  Online FAQ repositories?  Social media?  Or do you shun all attempts at aid and struggle through until you overcome the challenge by yourself?  Let's hear about your sources for assistance in a cruel digital world.