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Sonic the HedgehogAs I said last week, Sega's classic Sonic the Hedgehog has been around the block many times.  However, now that the new remastered version of the 1991 Genesis game is available for iOS and Android devices, I'm sure you'll find that it's never looked better than this.  Available for $2.99 at your local app marketplace (or as a free update on iOS if you already own the previous emulated version of the game), this edition of the game has been reworked to run in true widescreen at sixty frames per second.  Tails and Knuckles have been added as secret (optional!) playable characters.  The soundtrack has been remastered, achievements have been added (and they're creatively challenging — no free rides here), and leaderboards are operational.  There's even a new time attack mode included.  I talked myself into buying the new version yesterday and haven't been disappointed.  Touch controls for platformers are usually a major turn off for me, but the Sonic series is perfect for them since only one button is needed to control the action.  High praise to Sega and game engine developer Christian Whitehead for their work on updating one of the all-time classics of the 16-bit era for the twenty-first century.  Now, bring on Sonic the Hedgehog 2!