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It's X Versus Zero In This Mega Man X5 Jam

Mega Man X5Heroes battle villains all of the time, but it's more interesting to see heroes clash with other heroes.  Consider the narrative high point of Capcom's Mega Man X5 in which Mega Man X and Zero square off once and for all.  The series had been hinting for quite a while prior to this moment that each protagonist would have to destroy the other in the name of world peace, and thanks to both characters being playable with their own unique moves and story points, it's possible for fans of each to get what they want.  Dr. Wily's cruel grip certainly is tight.  The battle is set to a truly rocking piece of music, but there's always room for improvement.  For your musical needs today I present this track from the remix album We Are Rock-Men 2, "X Versus Zero", that will handle all of your jamming requirements.  Blue against red... and go!