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Grand Theft Auto V

Big blockbuster games come into this world as Special and Collector editions these days, so it's only natural that Rockstar's upcoming Grand Theft Auto V for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 should do the sameThe PlayStation Blog is hyping the bonus versions of GTAV today by listing all of the extra stuff that comes with the game if you choose to pay more money.  There's some physical items and digital content available, but the prices are steep: $79.99 for the Special Edition and $149.99 for the GameStop-exclusive Collector Edition.  Preorders for any version (including the standard $59.99 edition) also include free access to the game's blimp.  Here's what that'll get you come September 17, 2013 with all of the marketing hyperbole stripped out:

  • Special Edition includes:
    • Grand Theft Auto V in a steelbook case decorated with new artwork
    • Blueprint map of Los Santos and Blaine County
    • Downloadable content to activate stunt plane trials, special ability boosts, bonus outfits & tattoos, and additional weapons
  • Collector Edition includes:
    • The aforementioned items and DLC
    • GTAV hat
    • Security deposit bag with key modeled after its in-game counterpart
    • Downloadable content to activate custom characters for the online portion of the game and unique vehicles & garage property

I love a good Special Edition, but I find it easier to talk myself into paying the extra money for properties I feel are a part of my pop cultural identity.  I also appreciate a solid displayable item.  The blueprint doesn't do much for me, but I do like the DLC options.  Maybe you could talk me into the Special Edition under the right set of circumstances, but I'll sit out the Collector Edition with its $150 price tag, thanks.  However, here's a little tip: if you don't mind waiting these things out, you can usually find Special and Collector Editions of games massively discounted a few weeks or months after release.  Today's $80 hot item is destined for tomorrow's $20 clearance sale if any stock remains.  You take your chances with that; after all, if these editions sell out right away, then you miss out, but I've scored some great deals with luck and patience.  It's a gamble and you do have to wait a few weeks to play the game, but it's worth the savings.