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Batgirl Coming To Injustice: Gods Among Us

The downloadable content train for Injustice: Gods Among Us rolls on as the second DLC character to be added to the game has been announced.  Joining last week's addition to the roster, Lobo, is Batgirl.  Thankfully, she appears to be her own distinct character and not just a suspiciously similar copy of Batman.  Check out the reveal trailer that shows her using smoke bombs to seemingly teleport around the battle arena, for instance.  Batman doesn't do that as part of his Injustice bag of tricks.  Also take note of her super attack in which she uses her grappling line to give Joker a bad day of his own.  She'll be available soon for $4.99 as an individual purchase or free as part of the $14.99 season pass.  Awesome Killing Joke Joker cabana wear costume sold separately.