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Weekly Poll: Might Solve A Mystery Or Remaster History

Weekly Poll for 3-21-2013Most of you out there have never participated in a video game tournament.  That's a shame; you really should try it sometime even just for fun.  I've competed in online competitions here and there, but never in person.  The most recent one was the Star Wars Pinball challenge on the game's The Empire Strikes Back table, and while I knew I didn't have a chance in Hoth at ranking anywhere near the top of the leaderboard, I certainly had fun trying.  Prizes are nice, but for me it's really all about the community interactions and the feeling of being part of a larger collective.  

Looking ahead, Capcom and WayForward have announced to the Internet's collective delight that a modernized version of the 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System classic DuckTales is coming to the Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii U under the title DuckTales Remastered featuring new content, detailed animation, reworked music, and many other additions.  Are you interested in this enhanced retelling of Scrooge McDuck's greatest digital adventure?  Let's hear your thoughts.