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New Yoshi's Island Coming To Nintendo 3DS

YoshiI missed mentioning this last week, but it certainly deserves a moment in the sun.  Yoshi's Island is one of the shining gems of the Super NES era, and while the Nintendo 64 sequel, Yoshi's Story, was divisive and the Game Boy Advance entry in the franchise did its own unique thing with an in-cartridge tilt sensor, the Nintendo DS sequel, Yoshi's Island DS, helped to get things back on track.  Now Nintendo has announced that the next game in the series is coming to the Nintendo 3DS and based on an early look at the art direction and gameplay, it seems as if the new game is mixing the baby-on-board scenario of Island with the rendered look of Story.  Take a look at the first video footage and see for yourself.  I prefer the old hand-drawn quality of the original Island game, but I think I could learn to like this if the 3D makes it all worthwhile.