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EvilCast Recap - Episode 171

EvilCastI'm guesting on the Games Are Evil podcast again this week.  In fact, I've taken appearing as a guest to a new level by hijacking the usual introduction and claiming absolute power.  That sort of thing is bound to happen when one is invited over enough.  I join Blake Grundman and Keri Honea to discuss the depressing news of the week (mostly studio closures and layoffs at places like LucasArts, High Moon Studios, and Square-Enix), the Ouya's rough launch, and hit on a list of the best game-breaking video game bugs of all time.  There's also some non-spoiler discussion of BioShock Infinite, a look at Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and time spent with the latest Gears of War.  Spend some time with us.  I bet you'll enjoy it.  You can find Episode 171 of the EvilCast over at