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EarthboundIt's funny how the world works.  European video game players have been clamoring for Mother 2 (known as EarthBound outside of Japan) for nearly two decades, and thankfully that game is coming to the Nintendo Wii U Virtual Console later this year.  North American players have enjoyed Mother 2, but have since demanded an official English version of the sequel, Mother 3, which was released in Japan back in 2006.  Japan has had ongoing access to the entire Mother trilogy, so what could they have left to demand?  Mother 4, of course.  Kotaku reports that Japanese fans have been asking the franchise's mastermind, Shigesato Itoi, to consider another sequel.

Recently on Twitter, a fan tweeted this to 64 year-old icon: "Mr. Itoi, please think about a way to make Mother 4." Itoi's response? "Muri" (無理) or "impossible".

Wanting what you can't have is a global truth, it seems.  I'd love to see a Nintendo-released localization of Mother 3, but I'm content to let it end there.  It's very difficult to capture lightning in a bottle and yet the EarthBound series has managed to do so consistently.  If Itoi feels that he's unable to produce another sequel that lives up to the legacy set down by the other games in the franchise, then it's best to let it go.  Should he ever change his mind, come up with a brilliant idea, and convince Nintendo to make it happen, then I'll gladly show up to play the game when it's available in English, but if EarthBound truly is done, then I say thanks for all the memories and here's hoping for good fortunes to everyone involved with the series.